The pursuit of perfection is futile… or is it? Dr. Daedalus, an ambitious neurologist, invents a personality and talent transplant procedure. He lures two young-adult candidates, Grace and Josh, from opposing socioeconomic classes with a promise of a better future. 

2 years later, Daedalus faces rising tension as the highly controversial procedure will soon be available to the public. Grace and Josh begin experiencing unexpected life-altering effects of their irrevocable decision. As secrets start to slip, the truth about Daedalus’s insidious plan to immortalize his legacy is revealed. Morality, pursuit of perfection, and the quest for acceptance will be explored in the series, while also examining ethical implications of innovation that might soon enable us to create the perfect human being.



We believe that finding interesting links between people and ideas lead us to unchartered territories and unprecedented realms of imagination. We strive to foster a living network of eclectic talents and mindsets to help each other grow, develop, and animate the stories that we dream up. Together we can accomplish a limitless set of goals.


We believe that when confronted with an obstacle, one must be keep going. We don’t give up, we don’t back down. We know the importance of moving forward, even if it’s one step at a time. We are motivated by our pioneer mindset and believe that looking ahead is a vital component of success. We like to explore dominions no one has ever dreamed of and leave a a trail for others to follow.


We believe that our stories must shine light into the world. Humanity is at center of what we do. We are soul-centric and norm-breakers. We embed critical questions in all of our content, so that it may serve as a conversation starter. We challenge inquisitive minds to see question the world in a new way.


We are fueled by our need to share stories that touch the soul. We are not bound by a particular medium or format, rather we create freely and boldly. We are driven by our ambition to tell individual stories that resonate with anyone in the world. We pride ourselves in developing captivating content that empowers and inspires.

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